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Six factors to distinguish
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When purchasing diesel generators, how to distinguish whether they are domestic or imported, the following six elements are introduced for readers' reference:
1. Quality: many consumers think that the quality of domestic machines is not very good, in fact, it is not. In fact, the quality of domestic diesel engine has been very excellent, the key is whether you buy the original genuine goods. If you buy fake goods, the quality is really very poor. The quality of imported diesel engines is also very poor. Many insiders are not likely to distinguish the renovated imported diesel engine by its appearance when it is not in actual use. However, domestic diesel engine fakes can be identified at will. The quality of most brands of imported machines is not better than that of domestic machines, and even some brands are not as good as some famous brands of domestic machines. The characteristics of domestic engine are durable and can adapt to the use of vicious environment, while the imported diesel engine has higher requirements for working conditions. Generally, it is suitable to purchase the diesel engine when it is used in a better environment as a standby for fire protection.
2. Noise: the nominal decibel value of the imported machine is calculated by "≥" while that of the domestic machine is calculated by "≤". This is why the noise of the imported machine is much lower than that of the domestic machine when we look at the technical parameters. In fact, the decibel of the imported machine is only slightly lower than that of the domestic machine. No matter it is an imported machine or a domestic machine, as long as it is equipped with a complete set of regular mufflers, the noise emitted can meet the national standard. Moreover, the machine room can also isolate part of the noise. People can't feel much noise outside.
3. Maintenance and accessories: no matter how good the quality of the unit is, it is impossible to have no fault. If there is a problem, maintenance and accessories will be involved. Domestic engine maintenance is more convenient, especially accessories, many diesel engine accessories can be purchased in domestic county-level cities. Imported diesel engine is characterized by relatively small problems, but in case of any failure, parts should be replaced, and the price is high. For example, to buy a new oil pump for a domestic diesel engine is only 1 / 4 to 1 / 3 of the cost of the imported diesel engine to calibrate the oil pump, which is not disastrous for the enterprise. If you want to replace the parts, you can only ask the headquarters for goods. This may take several months. During this period, the diesel generator is just a pile of scrap iron in the corner, and many of the work of the enterprise may be stopped Come down.
4. Oil consumption: the same as noise: imported machines are calculated by "≥" while domestic machines are calculated by "≤". Generally, the oil consumption of domestic machines is less than or equal to 209 g to 230 g / kW / h under full load operation, while imported machines are more than or equal to 201 g / h to 220 g / h under full load. The user can calculate the reasonable purchase scheme from the price difference between the imported machine and the domestic machine and the actual use time that they need.
5. Price: in fact, the cost of the imported machine is not much higher than that of the domestic machine, or equivalent to the price of the same model in China, but the sales price is much higher than that of the domestic unit. This is also a complete set of imported diesel engine manufacturers to make full use of the Chinese psychology of worshipping foreign countries to earn high profits. But now the price of some brands of imported diesel engine is far lower than that of domestic diesel engine with the same power. The reason is not convenient to "speculate".
6. Base with fuel tank: some imported diesel engine oil tank is equipped at the bottom, with good overall feeling, compact structure and beautiful appearance. However, there are also disadvantages: the bottom oil tank is usually made of organic synthetic plastic, which is easy to dissolve with diesel oil. The domestic diesel oil contains more organic impurities and moisture, which catalyzes this kind of gluing. The mixture formed by the bonding of diesel oil and oil tank will block the oil inlet pipe, resulting in blocked oil path, resulting in generator set starting difficulty, unstable speed after starting, and unreasonable shutdown. However, the oil tank at the bottom of the engine is not easy to drain and maintain, which makes the oil deposit.
In addition, the bottom oil tank as an optional part of the unit is imported randomly, and its price is higher. Therefore, the user is better to use the external oil tank, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance, and can also increase the oil inlet pressure. If the bottom oil tank has been equipped, it is better to pad the unit or set up a sewage pipe for cleaning and maintenance.

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